At Lotus of Ludington we are proud to offer services and classes for all types of people. From yoga, to reiki, to wellness consults, this is your hub for your daily dose of wellness no matter where in your practice you may be. 




$90/10 PACK

$55/5 PACK




Rise & Flow

This 60 minute Vinyasa class helps you awaken to your day with energy, ease and grace. Leave feeling renewed and ready to start your happy day. Open to all levels.


A relaxing and Restorative Yoga class. We combine the use of aromatherapy, sound healing, bolsters, blankets, and yoga straps and blocks with gravity, deep breathing, and presence to gently open in subtle ways, allowing for a deep and relaxing yoga practice to unfold. Come rest and restore!


Awaken to the present moment.  On average we have 50,000 thoughts a day.  These thoughts steal us away from the present moment.  Mediation helps to bring you back while reducing stress & anxiety, increasing mental clarity. Meditation offers a beautiful balance of doing and just being.  Each class will be different and will explore different forms of meditation. All designed to leave you feeling balanced, connected, whole and awake. No previous experience needed.

Power Flow

This is an ADVANCED 60 minute power class that is designed to break a sweat, tone the body, clear the mind and take your practice to the next level.   

Happy Hour

​Join us for flow and fizz! This fun yoga class uses lively music, a flow series linking breath with movement followed with $2 kombucha on tap.  Come stretch and socialize with us!

Lotus Coaching

This is a discussion based class. As a group we will discover, discuss and learn how to implement key elements that create and support well being. Each class offers a different topic with goal of helping us to move past limiting beliefs and allowing us to become the best version of ourselves. Please bring writing materials.


This 60 minute class is a blend of restorative yoga and meditation. Life and its hurry has a way of pulling us far outside of ourselves. This gentle class is designed to calm the mind, slow the breath and bring you back to your center. No previous yoga or meditation experience needed.

Light Lunch

A quick 45 minute flow class that links breath and movement. A perfect lunch break class that will leave you feeling centered and balanced and ready to get back to work.

Soul Flow

This 60 minute class is like a hug for your soul.  This class is deeply nourishing for the mind, body and soul.  Blending yoga, guided meditation, sound healing and positive intentions to leave you feeling great from head to toe -heart and soul. Open to all levels.


This monthly Kundalini workshop is a deeply spiritual practice that uses breath, movement and mantra to balance the nervous system, inducing a state of calm. This practice aims to open the heart, build strength, and activate the infinite creative potential within you. Open to all levels.

Gong Bath

A meditative session to reset and recalibrate. We begin with a few gentle movements and then get cozy with props and blankets and rest in savasana as we tune in to the healing sounds and vibrations of the gong. You’ve got to try this one!

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